What they needed:

Strategic communications counsel and enhanced local exposure through community engagement and media stories.

What we did:

  • Public relations
  • Community relations

Moxley Carmichael has helped establish a strong community presence for the Gerdau steel mill, which has been in Knoxville for more than 110 years. Gerdau hired us in 2005 to improve communication and strengthen the company’s relationship with the surrounding Lonsdale neighborhood.

On our advice, the company formed the Lonsdale Community Advisory Committee, which holds periodic lunch meetings at the Gerdau facility. We also helped Gerdau launch and publish the Lonsdale Lantern, a newsletter that focuses on positive stories in the neighborhood and Gerdau’s community involvement.

We coordinate Gerdau’s annual “Art of Recycling” in partnership with Dogwood Arts and the University of Tennessee Sculpture Program. Gerdau opens its scrapyard to UT students, who create sculptures incorporating the scrap metal. The sculptures are exhibited during April’s National Recycling Month.