Knoxville Utilities Board

75th Anniversary Book

What they needed:

Production of commemorative book to celebrate KUB’s 75th anniversary with historic overview, significant milestones and fresh content.

What we did:

  • Concept development
  • Author selection
  • Design and editing of 100 pages
  • Photography oversight
  • Production and print management

The yearlong project began with client meetings to discuss themes, concepts and historic milestones that would be weaved into the 75th anniversary book. The common element of all designs was a timeline peppered with significant events and important dates in KUB’s history.

We worked with local writer Sherri Gardner Howell to identify and interview key current and retired KUB figures. Knoxville photographer Gary Heatherly captured their photographs. We reviewed hundreds of artifacts, historic photos and past publications in order to select the best items to showcase the company’s storied history.

Howell crafted the stories, and Moxley Carmichael Creative Director Charley Sexton designed and placed all content, photos and graphics into book layout. Moxley Carmichael editor Maria Cornelius reviewed the book from cover to cover, threading together the narrative and verifying facts, figures and dates.

Sexton stayed at the print shop over two days to check page proofs and make regular press checks to ensure quality control. The book, which was printed at the end of 2014, was distributed to current and past employees. Several copies were placed in public libraries for the community to enjoy.