Priority Ambulance

What they needed:

Multisite network for a rapidly expanding national emergency medical transport company based in East Tennessee.

What we did:

  • Cohesive brand and communication strategy
  • Scalable structure for network of companies
  • Centralized corporate site

Priority Ambulance is the only national ambulance company headquartered in East Tennessee. Since beginning operations in February 2014, Priority Ambulance has grown to more than 600 employees with approximately 100 ambulances across five states.

Moxley Carmichael led Priority Ambulance through a branding process to develop messaging that emphasized the mission of raising the standard of pre-hospital care and investing in local causes, nonprofits and community organizations. We created a logo, tagline and distinctive photography styling and developed a comprehensive branding guide.

As Priority Ambulance acquired operations and expanded in Tennessee, New York, Alabama, Indiana and Georgia, Moxley Carmichael announced the new developments. We built a network structure that allowed the company to align newly acquired companies with the corporate brand.

Through news stories, social media and marketing, we also positioned Priority Ambulance staff as leading experts in their communities.