U.S. Cellular


What they needed:

Strategic communications counsel and enhanced local exposure through media stories.

What we did:

  • Public relations
  • Community relations
  • Media relations

Moxley Carmichael’s relationship with U.S. Cellular began in 2007, when the agency was added to the company’s public relations council (PRC) of agencies in its key markets. As a member of the PRC, we advise U.S. Cellular on communication strategies with a focus on media relations in East Tennessee and create story topics that will be used by every agency in the PRC. We develop materials to support those ideas and pitch them to local media to secure coverage.

U.S. Cellular is positioned as experts in the wireless industry, and the media coverage generates millions of impressions for the company. When the company sponsored a casting call in 2015 for ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank,” Moxley Carmichael garnered more than 2 million local impressions on that story alone.

We also train local spokespeople on the media landscape and interview techniques, which enhances U.S. Cellular associates’ confidence and ability during media appearances.